Thursday, August 8, 2013

Karma Yoga & Yogi Scouts Updates August

So...just some details as things are crazy busy right now.

The Yogi Scouts and Karma Is A Biz programs launch officially in October.  We have a facebook page here:

In the meantime we'll be setting authors up on this blog who are interested in exploring, experimenting and supporting these ideas.  If you're one of those people feel free to post a comment or send us a message with a way to talk about the programs.

Anyone is also free to join the intro e-course, which will be offered in a couple weeks, up until the official launch date.

We'll be creating a lot of new content including monthly newsletter with opportunities for sustainable jobs and business, education, lifestyle and health.

We're happy to accept guest posts.  We have a network connecting several different blogs, websites and social media pages which will be linked on this page.

We are also offering healthy weight and vitality coaching, as well as karma yoga coaching and more.  You can join the mailing list where you get information and a free intro into the different courses we're offering at this link:  You pick your path, but you'll get information on choosing or changing your path after you sign up, so no worries if you don't understand, just pick anything!

Other than that there will be follow-ups on every post created on this site so far, next week and we'll be hightlighting some discussions from our other blogs and websites to help you understand the full scope of our plans, so you can get involved.

I look forward to sharing with you more and hearing more from you in the not-so-distant future.

~With Pleasure

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