Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Putting Goals In Their Place

Have you ever avoided goals, intentionally?  Maybe you didn't make New Year's Resolutions this year or last year...maybe you never have.  But I bet you do have some hopes, dreams, aspirations and intentions.  
That's a good thing!  The nature of humanity is one of extreme complexity and if we don't work with our minds, our bodies and spirit could take over.  You might think that would be barely be able to relate to other people (because we're just spirits man) and money, houses, cars, work...they'd all be useless to us.  [I know because I've been overspiritual before!]
So now that we've confirmed that it's good to keep ourselves in check with goals, intentions and dreams, I'm asking you to wipe the slate clean!  You have probably had a lot of the same desires for a long time...I want you to think about the things you want and put a date on them.  Go back to as far as you can, try to remember when you first started desiring of this desire.  Put a time marker on that dream and decide if you need to delete it from your screen.  If it's older than a year old delete it!  You might even want to delete it if it's older than a month.  Why?  Because you are different now!
Goals need to be tended!  Desires need to be fluid.  But when have you taken time to tend your goals or unblock your desire channel?  

If you have a lot of these desires just populating your screen you might need to take a big one just to start off with.  Just to let yourself know it can be done.  So take that file, look inside of it, examine it and take what serves you from it and erase the rest!  Put that puppy in the recycling bin...you can get it out later if you really need it.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

How I Made My Manifesto

This is my manifesto outline in text: 

Here's what I know to be true: 
The universe is rigged in my favor

What's good for me is good for humanity

If you can't see god in all you can't see god at all

I am nourished in the divine

Every thought & every feeling is valid

Digging Into Desire informs of the depths of the soul

Ego is not the enemy it is a scared child you guide with love

Here's where I vow to focus:
Nurturing everyone's true needs: Everyone in my family being accepted and celebrated for who they are

Accepting myself for who I am: Embodying and integration of my full-bodied richness, sour and sweet spots

Always learning: Diving in, digging in and desiring deeply; flowing with the pain and the pleasure of growth, motion and transformation

To find my way

To fail with grace

Here is what brings me joy: 
Moving my body freely, wildly, ecstatically, cellularly, with no goals and no restrictions

Time to sit, sing and listen to good music

Being able to just watch the genius of infancy and childhood without needing to do anything about it

Really powerful hugs crashing into me like waves

Here is what I long to see: 
A sunset on a beach, with my clothes waving around me and my skin warm from hours of soaking in the sun, laughing children in my peripheral

The numbers in my saving's account steadily growing to where it seems certain this will continue forever

A community of families doing random things together, at random times, just because we are comfortable enough to help each other spring clean/destash/organize/can things

My clients claiming their full power, being the low-stress, high-vibe leaders they were always meant to be

My children in their teen years asking me how to have a strong, healthy, happy relationship

People gathering together in the spirit of service and compassion, refusing to let politics and social dissidence traumatize them or give them a distrust of the good in humanity

 This is my manifesto visual outline: [Please do not use this without my permission]

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Learn How To Find/Maintain A Good Relationship

These relationships we make and raise children in are pretty important.

 I know I'm stating the obvious but sometimes we just don't put the time or understanding into our partnerships or dating life and it has such a huge impact when these things go wrong. I know from first, second and third hand experience!

 Are you a woman who, despite years of personal growth, is still perplexed by men and the ways they think and behave?

 Do you fear that the “right” man who will honor your strength, wisdom and beauty may not exist?

 Or that the man you’re with now just doesn’t “get you?”

 What you may be missing is what my brilliant friend and colleague, Alison Armstrong, calls “The Queen’s Code” — a way of claiming your power and relating to men that brings out the best in both of you, leading to far more fulfilling relationships.

 Alison has taught thousands of women these secrets and you can discover them for yourself in Discovering the Queen’s Code: How to Honor Yourself & Transform the Way You Relate to Men.

 This powerful virtual event is FREE. Please join me on Wednesday, October 5, by reserving your complimentary space here.

 If you don’t know Alison, she’s a world-renowned relationship expert.

The Queen’s Code is based on her remarkable book of the same title, hailed as a complete game-changer for women — like you — who are seeking a loving, committed and conscious relationship.

 Alison is insightful and funny, and she’ll show you how to shift your core beliefs about men and really enter their minds….

 Here’s what you’ll discover:
 The Queen’s Code for understanding and communicating with men, which allows you to stand in your power and honor yourself without disempowering them Secrets of the male “operating system” — so you no longer misinterpret their intentions, words and actions, and instead understand what makes them tick

Ways to become more magnetic and improve your relationships with men on the job, in your community and in your extended family

What habit you may be repeating that triggers men’s inner warrior (not in a good way!) —

and how to respond effectively to this reaction Key insights into why interacting with men may have been so challenging for you — and how you can turn things around I can assure you that Alison knows what she’s talking about!

She’s really mastered the complexities of relationships and I think you’ll learn a lot from her.

 P.S. Have you had enough “wrong” relationships to last two lifetimes? Alison Armstrong will guide you to transform the ways you relate to men!

 Registration is free! Just click here: Discovering the Queen’s Code: How to Honor Yourself & Transform the Way You Relate to Men. A recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Karma Is A Biz Team

How Karma Is A Biz Team Works

Karma Is A Biz has 3 separate levels.

1. Team
2. Mentorship
3. Membership (which also has 3 levels)

Currently our Team and Mentorships(4) are open.  Waiting lists for the mentorship and membership are also open, just apply to the team and when you answer question number 3 add that you have a business or want to start one and which waiting list you'd like to be added to.

To apply for the team click on the link here!

The terms of the Team works like this:

You will receive a link to a private page where you will have a number of different activities you can do to help your people, receive free products/coaching yourself(and discounts of programs/products) and potentially earn money.

Karma Is A Biz Team is great for someone who wants to help others but is too busy or uninterested in fully committing to this work.

It's also great for someone who may want to help others as a career or as a part-time job or side hustle but you also would like to gain more experience, support, or explore different ways in which you could help people, either through techniques or modalities.  You might also not know how to start and gaining this experience can help you to make a difference, see how it feels and discover the ways that work best for you if you were to go out on your own.

The Team will help get the word out about programs and products that will greatly help our overall humanity.  It could be through social media, graphic design or any other number of campaign strategies.  There is no commitment to reach a certain number or to participate at any particular time, but if you enjoy sharing your personal growths and appreciation of products/programs that have helped you or if you enjoy sharing your enthusiasm for improving humanity and our world in any way it could be a great experience for you to help and receive the incentives that come along with your help.

Mentorship is for those in the second group, who also would like personal assessments and trainings to help you devise your own strategy, freelance for others or find contracts based on what you've done with us.  With a mentorship you will receive different modules of education to help you understand the process of running or managing different aspects of a service/seeker based business (one in which the greater good of humanity is at it's core).  You will also receive certifications, a letter of thorough, personalized recommendation and coaching sessions in which you'll receive practice working with other businesses and figuring out your ultimate path.

Membership is for those who have a business or they are currently ready to engage in start-up mode. Through membership we support you in creating business relationships, relationships with your current clients/customers, relationships with potential clients/customers and in establishing or innovating the culture and communication style in your business and/or community/field to create sustainable leadership status, engagement and impact in your core mission, as well as your financial core growth. Our strategy is all about solid planning, networking, communication/engagement, content, loyalty following through on your core mission.  This is what will make you stand out, have outstanding support, survive difficulties and actually achieve regular satisfaction and morale within and surrounding your work.