Monday, October 3, 2016

Karma Is A Biz Team

How Karma Is A Biz Team Works

Karma Is A Biz has 3 separate levels.

1. Team
2. Mentorship
3. Membership (which also has 3 levels)

Currently our Team and Mentorships(4) are open.  Waiting lists for the mentorship and membership are also open, just apply to the team and when you answer question number 3 add that you have a business or want to start one and which waiting list you'd like to be added to.

To apply for the team click on the link here!

The terms of the Team works like this:

You will receive a link to a private page where you will have a number of different activities you can do to help your people, receive free products/coaching yourself(and discounts of programs/products) and potentially earn money.

Karma Is A Biz Team is great for someone who wants to help others but is too busy or uninterested in fully committing to this work.

It's also great for someone who may want to help others as a career or as a part-time job or side hustle but you also would like to gain more experience, support, or explore different ways in which you could help people, either through techniques or modalities.  You might also not know how to start and gaining this experience can help you to make a difference, see how it feels and discover the ways that work best for you if you were to go out on your own.

The Team will help get the word out about programs and products that will greatly help our overall humanity.  It could be through social media, graphic design or any other number of campaign strategies.  There is no commitment to reach a certain number or to participate at any particular time, but if you enjoy sharing your personal growths and appreciation of products/programs that have helped you or if you enjoy sharing your enthusiasm for improving humanity and our world in any way it could be a great experience for you to help and receive the incentives that come along with your help.

Mentorship is for those in the second group, who also would like personal assessments and trainings to help you devise your own strategy, freelance for others or find contracts based on what you've done with us.  With a mentorship you will receive different modules of education to help you understand the process of running or managing different aspects of a service/seeker based business (one in which the greater good of humanity is at it's core).  You will also receive certifications, a letter of thorough, personalized recommendation and coaching sessions in which you'll receive practice working with other businesses and figuring out your ultimate path.

Membership is for those who have a business or they are currently ready to engage in start-up mode. Through membership we support you in creating business relationships, relationships with your current clients/customers, relationships with potential clients/customers and in establishing or innovating the culture and communication style in your business and/or community/field to create sustainable leadership status, engagement and impact in your core mission, as well as your financial core growth. Our strategy is all about solid planning, networking, communication/engagement, content, loyalty following through on your core mission.  This is what will make you stand out, have outstanding support, survive difficulties and actually achieve regular satisfaction and morale within and surrounding your work.

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