Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Learn How To Find/Maintain A Good Relationship

These relationships we make and raise children in are pretty important.

 I know I'm stating the obvious but sometimes we just don't put the time or understanding into our partnerships or dating life and it has such a huge impact when these things go wrong. I know from first, second and third hand experience!

 Are you a woman who, despite years of personal growth, is still perplexed by men and the ways they think and behave?

 Do you fear that the “right” man who will honor your strength, wisdom and beauty may not exist?

 Or that the man you’re with now just doesn’t “get you?”

 What you may be missing is what my brilliant friend and colleague, Alison Armstrong, calls “The Queen’s Code” — a way of claiming your power and relating to men that brings out the best in both of you, leading to far more fulfilling relationships.

 Alison has taught thousands of women these secrets and you can discover them for yourself in Discovering the Queen’s Code: How to Honor Yourself & Transform the Way You Relate to Men.

 This powerful virtual event is FREE. Please join me on Wednesday, October 5, by reserving your complimentary space here.

 If you don’t know Alison, she’s a world-renowned relationship expert.

The Queen’s Code is based on her remarkable book of the same title, hailed as a complete game-changer for women — like you — who are seeking a loving, committed and conscious relationship.

 Alison is insightful and funny, and she’ll show you how to shift your core beliefs about men and really enter their minds….

 Here’s what you’ll discover:
 The Queen’s Code for understanding and communicating with men, which allows you to stand in your power and honor yourself without disempowering them Secrets of the male “operating system” — so you no longer misinterpret their intentions, words and actions, and instead understand what makes them tick

Ways to become more magnetic and improve your relationships with men on the job, in your community and in your extended family

What habit you may be repeating that triggers men’s inner warrior (not in a good way!) —

and how to respond effectively to this reaction Key insights into why interacting with men may have been so challenging for you — and how you can turn things around I can assure you that Alison knows what she’s talking about!

She’s really mastered the complexities of relationships and I think you’ll learn a lot from her.

 P.S. Have you had enough “wrong” relationships to last two lifetimes? Alison Armstrong will guide you to transform the ways you relate to men!

 Registration is free! Just click here: Discovering the Queen’s Code: How to Honor Yourself & Transform the Way You Relate to Men. A recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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