Thursday, January 19, 2017

How I Made My Manifesto

This is my manifesto outline in text: 

Here's what I know to be true: 
The universe is rigged in my favor

What's good for me is good for humanity

If you can't see god in all you can't see god at all

I am nourished in the divine

Every thought & every feeling is valid

Digging Into Desire informs of the depths of the soul

Ego is not the enemy it is a scared child you guide with love

Here's where I vow to focus:
Nurturing everyone's true needs: Everyone in my family being accepted and celebrated for who they are

Accepting myself for who I am: Embodying and integration of my full-bodied richness, sour and sweet spots

Always learning: Diving in, digging in and desiring deeply; flowing with the pain and the pleasure of growth, motion and transformation

To find my way

To fail with grace

Here is what brings me joy: 
Moving my body freely, wildly, ecstatically, cellularly, with no goals and no restrictions

Time to sit, sing and listen to good music

Being able to just watch the genius of infancy and childhood without needing to do anything about it

Really powerful hugs crashing into me like waves

Here is what I long to see: 
A sunset on a beach, with my clothes waving around me and my skin warm from hours of soaking in the sun, laughing children in my peripheral

The numbers in my saving's account steadily growing to where it seems certain this will continue forever

A community of families doing random things together, at random times, just because we are comfortable enough to help each other spring clean/destash/organize/can things

My clients claiming their full power, being the low-stress, high-vibe leaders they were always meant to be

My children in their teen years asking me how to have a strong, healthy, happy relationship

People gathering together in the spirit of service and compassion, refusing to let politics and social dissidence traumatize them or give them a distrust of the good in humanity

 This is my manifesto visual outline: [Please do not use this without my permission]

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