Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Putting Goals In Their Place

Have you ever avoided goals, intentionally?  Maybe you didn't make New Year's Resolutions this year or last year...maybe you never have.  But I bet you do have some hopes, dreams, aspirations and intentions.  
That's a good thing!  The nature of humanity is one of extreme complexity and if we don't work with our minds, our bodies and spirit could take over.  You might think that would be barely be able to relate to other people (because we're just spirits man) and money, houses, cars, work...they'd all be useless to us.  [I know because I've been overspiritual before!]
So now that we've confirmed that it's good to keep ourselves in check with goals, intentions and dreams, I'm asking you to wipe the slate clean!  You have probably had a lot of the same desires for a long time...I want you to think about the things you want and put a date on them.  Go back to as far as you can, try to remember when you first started desiring of this desire.  Put a time marker on that dream and decide if you need to delete it from your screen.  If it's older than a year old delete it!  You might even want to delete it if it's older than a month.  Why?  Because you are different now!
Goals need to be tended!  Desires need to be fluid.  But when have you taken time to tend your goals or unblock your desire channel?  

If you have a lot of these desires just populating your screen you might need to take a big one just to start off with.  Just to let yourself know it can be done.  So take that file, look inside of it, examine it and take what serves you from it and erase the rest!  Put that puppy in the recycling bin...you can get it out later if you really need it.

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